Testing and Certification

What Are Our Core Technologies?
  1. Analysis model for intelligent machine safety statistics
  2. IoM electromagnetic compatibility testing technology (Wireless communication)
  3. Industrial robot safety inspection and verification technologies
  4. Intelligent manufacturing system safety verification technology
  5. Intelligent machine magnetic compatibility testing technology (Tolerance)
  6. Establishing the large machine spatial precision testing capacity
  Our Iconic Technologies !!  
  Comprehensive Inspection Technology for Continuously Creating Industrial value  

PMC was founded in 1993, and has been continuously developing “Machine tool inspection technology” to join force with the industry to enhance “Product quality” and “Industrial value”.

  Meet ISO 17065/ISO 17025 International Inspection and Verification Capacities  

Assisting domestic companies to meet international safety verification requirements in order to reduce the safety design and verification costs of domestic companies.

1.Qualified as International ISO  17065 Certification Institution
2.Qualified as International ISO 17025 Test Laboratory

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