Intelligent robot

  What Are Our Core Technologies?  
  1. SkyMars Robot
  2. Robot absolute precision optimization technology(Path precision, offline calibration)
  3. Cloud_Based Intelligent work assignment system technology(Multi-machine flexibility and App)
  4. Learning_Based Equipment health pre-diagnosis technology(Algorithm, sensing application)
  5. Robot performance optimization technology(Light weight, dynamic optimization)
  6. Intelligent actuator technology(Embedded, torque sensing)
  7. AGV application technology(Terrain adaptation, multi-functional navigation)
  Our Iconic Technologies !!  

PMC ROBOT development



►Industrial/educational robot
⇒Various types of robot design
⇒Support multiple motor and driver systems
⇒Customized robot specification/controller functions

►RUBY (PMC controller)
⇒PC-based controller (Windows)
⇒Application software running on the controller
⇒EtherCAT communication


Intelligent Robot Accuracy Calibration Expert


ISO9283 80% 24+

Robot performance analysis.

Improvement of overall error.

Parameters can be calibrated (6-axis robot).

►Generation of measured samples
1.Generate grid/random measured samples
2.Designated robot pose
3.Adjustable calibration area
4.Simulation of calibration process

1.24 parameters of robots can be calibrated
2.Save and export calibrated parameters

1.Modify PMC robot kinematics parameters
2.Import/Export other brand robot (KUKA) script
  Automated Storage and Retrieval System  

⇒lModular design
Various arrangement types
Customized size and layout

⇒lMore efficient use of floor space
Storing vertically
Can be setup near the existing machines

⇒lFlexible option of transportation
Automated robotic handlers

Intelligent Computer Aided Production System


►Integration of IT and OT

Modularized software platform, customized module selection
•Standalone: real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance
•Integrated solution: smart scheduling, production management

►IT- Information Technology

Manage data in the cloud
•Maintained in a single database
•Monitor machines and inventory stock status
•Order management
•Effective execution of manufacturing operations

►OT- Operation Technology
SkyMars: integrate shop floor automation equipment
•Machine tools:
•Robotics: NEXCOM, FANUC and DELTA.