Industrial machinery

  What Are Our Core Technologies?  
  1. SkyMars IMM (injection molding machine)
  2. Plastic and rubber machine machining
  3. Process parameter adjustment technology (Timely adjustment of machining quality)
  4. Industrial machine intelligent inspection technology(Defect inspection)
  5. Industrial machine intelligent manufacturing integration technology(Production and maintenance)
  6. Energy saving technology for plastic and rubber forming industry (Single machine, workstation, whole plant)
  7. Dynamic balance inspection equipment technology(Tool rod, belt wheel, and blade)
  8. Automatic resources recycling technology(Recycling machine, warehouse recycling station)
  Our Iconic Technologies !!  

Intelligent Image Detection and Monitoring Automation Application Technology for Enhancing Value of Industrial Machine


  ►Scope of Application

Rubber and Plastic Industry, Woodwork Industry, Shoemaking Industry, Automobile Industry, Steel Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry….

►Feature Description
⇒  Single machine intelligent function:

Customized/common communication interface, intelligent production function

⇒  Intelligent production line

IoM, machine/production line status monitoring, process analysis, and energy monitoring

⇒  AI inspection technology value addition:

Automatic alignment, AI defect detection, size/thickness measurement, clamping force measurement, and tension control (R2R)


Injection Molding Intelligent Manufacturing Factory Integration Plan, and Intelligent Industrial Machine Upgrade and Transform


  ►Scope of Application

Industrial machine (rubber and plastic forming machine, woodwork machine, textile machine, and food machine) users, machine tools, system integrators, and corporate management information software providers.

►Feature Description
ØSupporting cross-brand universal communication protocol conversion (SkyMars for IMM) to facilitate system maintenance.
ØProactive alarm real-time communication to enhance production management efficiency.
ØEdge management maintenance value addition for heritage of experience and knowledge.
ØProviding API for easy writing and reading.


Energy Saving Technology of Plastic and Rubber Forming Industry Saves Energy and Protects Environmental


  ►Industrial Application

Plastic and Rubber Forming Factory

►Energy Saving Module
Sensor Heating Module, inclouding Hot Plate, Material Tube,Power Supply,Mold and Roller.

►Scope of Application
Plastic and Rubber Industry, Food Industry, Metal Thermal Treatment Industry.

►Feature Description
Compared with conventional (electric heating, coal-fired hearing) heating method:

⇒It can save energy by 5%~30%
⇒It can be used in high temperature >350 ℃  with around 2~10 times faster heating speed, and the cost is only 1/2~1/3 of foreign product.