Machine tool

  What Are Our Core Technologies?  
  1. SkyMars CNC
  2. MES (Tool, scheduling, supply chain)
  3. Intelligent cutting technology(Digital model, performance evaluation, and cutting optimization)
  4. Smart prediction and diagnosis technology(Tool, bearing, feed axis)
  5. AI heating thermal compensation technology
  6. Structure analysis technology(Horizontal, composite, and Gantry 5-axis machine)
  7. Spindle design technology(High torque transmission and switching)
  8. Whole machine assembly technology(Scraping, fastening, and wearing)
  9. Precision measurement compensation technology(5-axis and spatial precision)
  10. Scraping technical development
  Our Iconic Technologies!

Compact 5-Axis Machine Center Teaching or Small-Scaled Machining Has the Best Cost Effectiveness



►Scope of Application:
5-Axis Educational Training

►Feature Description:
Introducing domestically produced controller to be used in schools and enterprises for teaching purpose

⇒Standard accessories
•Automatic tool exchange system (4PCS)
•Domestically produced 5-axis controller RTCP
•Yaskawa servo motor
•Pneumatic accessories
•Tool length measurement instrument

⇒Optional accessories
•Programmable cooling oil mist lubricating system
•Oil mist recycling and air purification machine
•Machining fixture set
•Wireless MPG
•HighNC machining simulation software

►Result of machining
lMachinable materials: medium carbon steel, red copper, acrylic, gear steel, aluminum, brass

It has been incorporated by NTU, NFU, CCU, NCHU, NCKU, NTUST, NTNU, HUST, and FJU for teaching of 5-axis machining or servo adjustment.


Intelligent Tool Management To Reduce Waste and Manufacturing Cost


  ►Scope of Application

Factory Intelligent Manufacturing

►Feature Description
Service life management based on integration of tool measurement and pre-diagnosis system.

►Current Issue
Tools cannot be surely located at the manufacturing site, and the tool use record is missing.

⇒Tool Room
RFID/ QR Code is used as ID on tool and tool handle
Electronic data registration to surely control the actual inventory.
Tool requisition must be registered to ensure the tool location.

⇒Manufacturing Site
•Recording the use of tool and establishing the history for future tracking.
Ensuring correct tool loading via RFID/QR Code.


Visualized Tool Service Life to Determine Proper Timing for Tool Replacement, Enhancing Workpiece Efficiency and Quality



►Scope of Application:
Factory Intelligent Manufacturing
►Feature Description

1.Saving manpower cost: reducing the human determination of tool status and workpiece quality.

2.Optimizing tool replacement timing: optimizing the balance between tool cost and workpiece quality.

3.Avoiding tool breakage or workpiece damage: consistent tool replacement timing determination and workpiece quality.

►Technology Feature
⇒Before Incorporation

1.Machining workpiece counting/timing
Tool replacement determined based on fixed time or amount of machining is usually inaccurate with significant error
2.Experience of machining operator
The hearing of cutting sound or observation of tool and debris conditions based on experience of machining operator will usually lead to different standards
3.Workpiece quality
The determination will take a lot of manpower and time, and it is usually too late when the workpiece quality is found to be non-conforming.

⇒After incorporation
Tool replacement point is determined according to the curve of tool service life to provide machining operator more appropriate determination of tool replacement timing
1.Visualized tool service life
Allowing users to understand current trend and status of tool service life
2.Experience of machining operator
Recording tool service life status with respect to different tools and different machining processes
3.Machining stability indicator
Analyzing whether or not every machining is at a stable state, which can be used to determine the machining emergency